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No Pain

" Thought you may like to know! Feel  better overall an especially my shoulder is very good, no pain. xxx"


Ingrid 21st July 2017

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I had a wonderful night's sleep, thank you!

Rich 19th January 2017

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Blockages hidden deep within my body.

 I must admit that I thought I could hide my ailments well, but the Practitioner and her skill soon discovered the blockages hidden deep within my body. I felt movement in those areas for the first time in years. I am aching to book my next session.  I can't wait 🙂

C Jooste 25th July 2017

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Overall a significant improvement

Hi Lynnette,

Shoulder is actually pretty good, no pain at all. Neck is still a bit stiff, but no where near as much as before. Overall a significant improvement.


Bart 16th September 2016

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I would recommend the massage to anyone

What an excellent experience - I would recommend the massage to anyone and would LOVE to have them weekly. Lynnette you show kindness and professionalism and must make everyone feel so much better - well done you.Pat.xx

P Sage 25th July 0017

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Neck feels so much looser


I just wanted to say my neck feels so much looser this morning!  Thanks for a lovely session yesterday.

Caroline 5th January 2017

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Less pain


Just wanted to say how lovely it was to meet you and experience your Tui na massage. I was a bit sore yesterday in the spots with the blockages but today I'm feeling much better, relaxed and have less pain and restriction in my movement.

I'd really like to book in for another treatment. 



Clair 7th January 2017

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Feeling so much better

Feeling so much better and managed with my foot all day yesterday in London.

M Meldon 22nd January 2016

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The pain and swelling had gone

I had been suffering with excruciating painful gout for more than 2 years, gout had already deformed my left big toe joint and caused general imbalance in my body, it was already in both my ankle and big toe joints and had already developed in my left knee joint, I had become very grumpy and was behaving 20 years older than I am because of this form of very painful arthritis, I had never considered massage as a healing option until I spoke to Lynnette about her healing massage, imagine my joy and relief when exactly 1 day after a she massaged me the pain and swelling had gone! ( the effected areas were a little tender though) I could put my full weight on my left foot and walk correctly again without damaging other parts of my body - today I feel like a new person ! I have noticed that my energy levels have returned - Lynnette is a true healer, thank you Lynette! For helping me function and for also finding other areas and old injuries that needed attention as well - I would recommend your healing touch and therapy to any one - especially after seeing it first hand - thank you once again.

C Jacobs 25th July 2017

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My Knee

Thank you, I  look forward to my next massage. My knee has been so much better.

M Neale 22nd January 2016

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Feel energised

I'm good and feel energised this morning, albeit my shoulders felt a bit sore. Would love another session - is it too soon?

Nikki 22nd January 2016

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Complete new body

I had an amazing tui na session and can lift my arm without pulling all horrid faces ...
Can't wait for more as I have the feeling to live in a complete new body THANK YOU

Lydia 25th July 2017

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Knee and ankle

My knee and ankle is so much better. Thank you

Maureen 9th September 2016

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