This workshop was a great success. Thank you to everyone who attended.

Please get in touch with me if you would like to know about the next one.

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Akarmalife Studios

Second Floor

4A Church Street

Ampthill, Bedfordshire MK45 2EH

Access via the car park by Waitrose.

PRICE: £25

Please visit the akarmalife website to book your space on the workshop


Have you noticed a physical or emotional pattern in your day?

Maybe you wake up at 3 am every morning or feel very tired in the early evening. This relates to your meridian clock. Come to our next Yin Yoga workshop to find out more about your internal clock and the yoga shapes that can help you.

What is yin yoga? 

It is a beautiful integration of yoga and Chinese medicine.

Yin yoga is a slower based practice, where shapes are held for longer periods of time. In this practice, you learn to release muscular effort and surrender to the gentle pull of gravity. It calms the nervous systems, slows the heart rate, balances emotions, maintains elasticity in joints, promoting flexibility, prevents rigidity, develops qualities of mindfulness, revitalise degenerative tissues, revitalises depleted qi (chi) and nourishes the meridians.

What is Qi (chi) and meridians?

Qi is the vital force in all life. It actively flows through our bodies in invisible pathways called meridians. The free flow of Qi helps to keep to have a healthier body, mind and spirit. If our meridians are blocked we can experience stiffness, pain, poor sleep, diseases, emotional problems and more.

Why attend this workshop?

In traditional Chinese medicine the flow of qi, through the 12 meridians (6 yin and 6 yang meridians) is thought to be highest for a two-hour period every day at each organ. 

I  will take you through your 24 hour day so you can learn some the yin yoga shapes you can do at certain times of the day to benefit your flow of qi. Maybe you will recognise a few of your own imbalances and learn more about the shapes that can help improve your quality of life. 

Join us for a very relaxing workshop.